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Several launches in the fishery caught fire -HP NEWS

Photo: Screen grab

Karachi: Fire broke out in several launches in the Fishery.

According to the fire brigade, the fire broke out at berth number seven and eight of Kala Pani, 4 launches were burnt by the fire.

According to Fishery Security officials, five fire brigade vehicles from different centers were engaged in extinguishing the fire, the fire had spread due to strong wind.

On the other hand, the supply of water was suspended due to the power cut of the fire brigade headquarters in Eidgah.

The fire brigade operator said that water cannot be filled in the fire tenders at the headquarters, help has also been taken from the Karachi Port Trust and the Navy.

However, after some time the fire in the fishery was brought under control after which the cooling process is going on.

The owner of the launch says that we had prepared the launch by borrowing from different people, our 20 years of hard work was lost, the government should help, there was a fire before, nothing was done even then.



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