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Due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the world is moving towards a major war, the United Nations -HP NEWS

The Secretary General of the United Nations made this warning during a speech / Reuters photo

The UN Secretary-General has warned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could lead the world to a ‘big war’.

During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that we have begun 2023 with challenges like never before in our lifetime.

The meeting focused on topics such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, climate crisis and poverty.

Antonio Guterres said that scientists and security experts have advanced the Doomsday Clock and it is now just 90 seconds away from midnight.

Note that the time of this doomsday clock is determined by a group of scientists taking into account the events of the previous year so that the world can know how close or far humanity is to destruction.

According to scientists, the closer the clock is to midnight, the more at risk we are.

The Secretary General of the United Nations said that he considers the increase in the time of this clock as a sign of danger.

He said that the chances of peace in Ukraine are disappearing and the risk of escalating the conflict has increased.

He said that ‘I fear that the world may not move towards a major war’.

Antonio Guterres said that the time has come for us to change our strategy for peace.

He called for fundamental changes in the global economy, stressing the need to take actions keeping future generations in mind.

He said that there is something wrong in our economic and financial system which is resulting in increasing poverty and hunger while widening the gap between the rich and the poor.



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