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It is not possible that Pakistan will not come to India for the World Cup: Ashwin -HP NEWS

If Pakistan hosts the Asia Cup, we will not participate but if you want us to participate, we will have to change the venue: Indian cricketer/file photo

Indian cricket team spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has said about the Asia Cup 2023 scheduled in Pakistan that the Indian team will not visit Pakistan, but if Pakistan does not come to India for the World Cup, it is not possible.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Ashwin said that the Asia Cup was to be held in Pakistan but if Pakistan hosts it, we will not participate in it, but if they want us to participate, the venue will have to be changed.

The Indian spinner said that we have seen many times that Pakistan forbids that if they do not come, then we will not come, but the Pakistani team will come to India to play the World Cup, I don’t think it is possible that Pakistan will not come.

Ashwin said ‘maybe the Asia Cup is in Sri Lanka, many tournaments have been held in Dubai before but I will be happy if the Asia Cup is in Sri Lanka’.

It should be noted that the Asia Cup is to be held in September in Pakistan, after which the World Cup is scheduled in India.

The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI), showing its stubbornness, has bluntly prohibited sending the Indian team to Pakistan, while Pakistan has also threatened that if India does not come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, then the Pakistani team for the World Cup as well. India will not go.



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