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Scenes of people being pulled out alive from the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey -HP NEWS

A day has passed since Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey, but the devastation continues.

Thousands of people have died due to the collapse of hundreds of buildings, while there is still a fear of many people being buried under the debris, for which rescue operations are still ongoing in Turkey.

A video has emerged through foreign media in which rescue personnel can be seen pulling out the members of a family alive from the rubble of a building in the province of Malatya, Turkey, after several hours.

In the video, it can be seen that the rescue personnel are pulling the children alive from the wreckage, while bystanders are heard shouting Allahu Akbar when the girls come out of the wreckage alive.

In the video, a Turkish military official can also be seen kissing the girl after she was pulled alive from the rubble.



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