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Imran Khan could not be charged -HP NEWS

An application for exemption from attendance on medical grounds has been filed by Imran Khan / file photo

Islamabad: Indictment proceedings against Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Tosha Khana reference could not be done.

District and Sessions Courts Islamabad Judge Zafar Iqbal is hearing the case against Imran Khan, in which the four lawyers of Chairman PTI have submitted their legal representation in the court.

The court will decide whether or not to indict Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana case.

At the beginning of the hearing, a request for exemption from attendance on medical grounds was filed on behalf of Imran Khan, upon which the judge inquired whether the documents had been submitted. On this, Imran Khan’s lawyer Gohar Ali Khan said that Mr. Imran Khan’s surety was deposited by Mitchell yesterday.

The court said that if the request for exemption from such attendance continues to be filed, how will the indictment be imposed?

Imran Khan’s lawyer Ali Bukhari objected that we were not provided with certified copies, WhatsApp screenshots are not given and the Election Commission’s lawyer said that we have provided certified copies to PTI lawyers before the court. of are

The judge directed to provide the certified copies of all the evidences to the court and PTI, on which the counsel of the Election Commission said that we will give the certified copies of the complaint and evidence today.

On the request for immunity, the lawyer of the Election Commission said that why Imran Khan has not come to the court yet? We have seen Imran Khan dancing on containers.

Imran Khan’s lawyer expressed his displeasure at the statement of the lawyer of the Election Commission and said that such statements should not be made which suggest that the work of the accused is being done.

The judge inquired that tell me a date when Imran Khan will come to court? On this, his lawyer said that if Imran Khan’s health permits, he will come.

The court had reserved its decision on Imran Khan’s request for exemption from attendance, which after some time heard and accepted his request.



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