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Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from husband Adil Durrani -HP NEWS

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Indian dancer and model Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from her husband Adil Durrani and made serious allegations against him.

Last month, Rakhi announced her marriage with Adil Khan by sharing pictures and videos of her marriage, along with a video of Rakhi becoming a Muslim after reciting the Kalima.

However, after the death of her mother, Rakhi Sawant revealed her husband Adil’s relationship with another girl while talking to reporters outside the gym.

Rakhi told the media about Adil Durrani that Adil is thin of lies, Adil placed his hand on Holy Quran in front of me and said that he will block that girl but he didn’t so that girl is still Adil. She is blackmailing me, I had brought Adil in the media, now I am at the feet of all of you, don’t make her a star.

According to Indian media, while talking to the media on Monday, Rakhi said that Adil has separated from me because of his alleged girlfriend Tanu.

Rakhi said that Adil has finally decided that he will stay with Tanu, yesterday he told me that I am leaving you and going to Tanu, I will stay with him now.

Rakhi Sawant said that Adil has left me now I will share everything with the media.

The actress also blamed Adil for her mother’s death and said that if she had been given timely medical attention, she would have been alive today.

Rakhi accuses Adil that my mother was dying in the hospital, despite having money in Adil’s bank account, he didn’t give me money., My mother died because of Adil Khan Durrani.

She said that Adil made me a ladder to make a name in Bollywood, took a lot of my money, I will tell everything in the court.

It should be remembered that Rakhi Sawant’s mother was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment in the hospital for a long time, but she died at the end of last month.



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