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In the Turkey earthquake, many players were also trapped under the debris, the search continues -HP NEWS

Photo: File

The total death toll from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 3,600, while more or less 1,710 buildings have collapsed.

According to foreign media reports, as a result of the terrible earthquake in Turkey, the players associated with various sports are also trapped under the debris and their search is on.

Photo: Christian File
Photo: Christian File

According to reports, Christian Aso, an international and former Premier League footballer of West African country Ghana, was also among the people trapped under the earthquake debris.

Asu recently joined Turkish football club Hatayspor, according to reports, other players from his team were rescued in the aftermath of the earthquake, but Christian was missing.

However, after several hours of searching, Christian was pulled alive from the wreckage and taken to hospital for medical attention.

According to reports, the footballer’s leg was injured while he was also facing difficulty in breathing.

Photo: Turkish goalkeeper file
Photo: Turkish goalkeeper file

According to foreign media reports, Turkish goalkeeper Eyup Turkaslan is also among the people who are reportedly trapped under the rubble as a result of the earthquake.

Apart from this, players of men’s volleyball team and girls’ under-14 volleyball team were also reportedly affected by the earthquake, some players have been pulled alive from the rubble while the search for others is on.

According to the reports, after the earthquake in Turkey, many wrestlers are also reported to be buried under the debris. Taha, the Olympic champion wrestler from Turkey, expressed the fear of 30 to 40 athletes being buried and appealed for help. Is.



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