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Pakistanis are always portrayed as suicide bombers or terrorists in movies: Jemima -HP NEWS

Jemima also talked about her special friend British Princess Diana’s wedding in this interview / Photo foreign media

Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith says that movies always portray Pakistanis as terrorists or suicide bombers.

In a conversation with British broadcaster Sky News, producer and screenwriter Jemima talked about her film What’s Love Got To Do With It (What’s Love Got To Do With It) and said that this film reflects her own life. .

According to Jemima, the upcoming film challenges issues like Islamophobia.

In a conversation with Sky News, he said, ‘Positive images of Muslims are rarely shown in films, Pakistanis are always shown as terrorists or suicide bombers’.

The British producer recounted the experience of traveling with his children and said, ‘Whenever I go to another country with my sons, especially the US, they face unusual questions because of Pakistani names.’ .

He said, “When I go to the airport for a trip, I have to wait for several hours before sitting on the flight, on the contrary, I am not questioned.”

“It’s very difficult to make a film where there are good Muslims in America,” British film producer Jemima said, “I think Islamophobia is a big and real problem.

Apart from this, Jemima also talked about the marriage of her special friend British Princess Diana in this interview, she said that Diana’s marriage with Prince Charles was an arranged marriage.

He also cited Princess Diana as another reason for making the film.

It should be noted that Indian actress Shabana Azmi along with Pakistani actress Sajal Ali is also in Jemima’s film. This film will hit the theaters on February 24.



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