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A Chinese spy balloon crashed off the coast of Hawaii 4 months ago: US official -HP NEWS

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Speaking to the American broadcasting organization, an American official has claimed that four months ago, a Chinese spy balloon crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, the news that came out yesterday after the US military shot down a Chinese balloon in the coastal area of ​​South Carolina suggests that a Chinese spy balloon has been in Texas more or less once during the time of the former US President Donald Trump. and passed over Florida, but the previous administration has denied such reports.

The White House says that the issue of the Chinese spy balloon was closely monitored by US President Biden, but the Pentagon and senior military leadership did not release the balloon due to concerns of any harm to the Biden administration and civilian collateral damage. It was proposed to drop it.

Officials of the Biden administration claimed that Chinese spy balloons entered US airspace three times during the time of former US President Donald Trump, but former President Trump and top national security officials of his administration denied such reports and said that no such The event did not happen.

Speaking to the American Broadcasting Corporation, former President Donald Trump said that the Biden administration is deliberately spreading false information, such an incident has never happened in our time, but it could never happen.



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