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A video of a policeman publicly torturing a donkey woman in Sukkur has gone viral -HP NEWS

At Shalimar Gate in Sukkur, a beggar woman was publicly tortured by a policeman, the video of which is going viral on social media.

According to the police, two beggar women had a quarrel over taking charity. After receiving a report on One Five, the official who arrived at the spot instead of taking the parties to the women police station, brutally tortured them.

Sub-Inspector One Five Muhammad Ali, who tortured the beggar woman, says that there was a dispute between women beggars in the same area. He was also tortured.

The sub-inspector says that I did not torture the Gadagar woman, but the woman was assaulted while trying to take her to the women’s center.

Police officials say that they are investigating the incident of the public torture of the Gadagar woman by the One Five in-charge, the concerned One Five officer has been suspended.



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