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Have you seen this heart-pounding movie? -HP NEWS

Harrison Ford played the lead role in the film / screenshot

No movie can be as exciting, thrilling and mind-blowing as this 1993 film.

Watching this movie from the 1990s can make the heart beat faster, the blood circulate faster, or anxiety creep up.

But it can be said with certainty that you will not be disappointed after watching this movie.

Here is The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and Timothy Lee Jones.

The film was based on the 1960s TV series of the same name, directed by Andrew Davies.

The film had a budget of 44 million dollars, but it grossed more than 368 million dollars worldwide while also winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

After the success of the film, a spin-off film US Marshall was also released in 1998.

The plot

The movie was based on a TV show / screen shot
The movie was based on a TV show / screen shot

It is the story of Dr. Richard Kemble (Harrison Ford), a renowned surgeon from Chicago, whose wife Helen is murdered inside the house.

Dr. Richard is charged with the murder by the police and sentenced to death.

After the court verdict, on the way to the jail, the police car has an accident, taking advantage of which Dr. Richard escapes.

This is followed by an attempt to capture Dr. Richard by Deputy Samuel Jarrad.

In this cat-and-mouse game, Dr. Richard tries to find his wife’s killer.

Further, the story is so thrilling that it makes the hearts beat fast and it is possible to enjoy the movie more just by watching it.

A few interesting facts

The film was a huge success / screenshot
The film was a huge success / screenshot

Not only the story of the film is interesting, but the story of its making is also very interesting.

9 writers worked on the story of this film for 5 years and wrote at least 25 different scripts during that time, since the story of the film was based on a 120-episode TV series, the entire story was shot in 2 hours. The editing process proved to be quite difficult.

The TV show on which the film was based was never seen by the other main actors, including Harrison Ford.

In the film, a real train was hit by a real bus and after the accident, the wrecked place has become a tourist attraction.

Tucker scene / screenshot between Tareen and Bus
Tucker scene / screenshot between Tareen and Bus

There have been several movies based on the TV shows, but this is the only made-for-TV movie to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.

The film featured a face-off between the police and Dr. Richard at a parade, and the scene was filmed at a real parade without any rehearsal, with the actors’ presence only being known to the parade attendees too late.

In order to make the police questioning scene of Dr. Richard real in the film, the director did not tell Harrison Ford what questions he would be asked, which is why the actor is not acting confused and nervous in the scene. Rather real.

The story of the film took many years but it was shot and released in just 6 months as the studio that produced it wanted to release the film in summer.



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