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The position of the assistant commissioner of North Nazimabad came out on the criticism of himself -HP NEWS

Popular on social media for his style, fashion and singing, Hazim Bangwar, Assistant Commissioner posted in Karachi, says that he is stubborn, will stay in Pakistan, loves Pakistan, wants to stay and work here.

He says that family members say go out and have fun but they think that Pakistan needs them more.

Hazim further said that social media profile is his personal life, he is neither transgender nor woman, he is a man, if someone calls him a woman in contempt, he considers it an insult to his mothers and sisters.

The new Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad, Hazim Bangwar, is the talk of the town after becoming famous on social media. In view of public interest, Geo News spoke to him and found out that he received his primary education from America, then came to London. And after obtaining a degree in fashion marketing, he also did LLB from there, not only that, but during this time he also wrote songs for famous singers of the world and also sang himself.

Hazem Bangwar said that despite his family’s disapproval, he passed the commission exam and is now serving the public.

Hazem Bangwar has also tried to remove the misconceptions spread about him. When he arrived to inspect the construction of Shahrah Noor Jahan, citizens took selfies with him and appreciated his performance.

According to Hazem Bangwar, he is trying to play his role in solving the problems of the people.



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