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Shahid Afridi’s daughter-in-law Ansha, how much was kept? -HP NEWS

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi’s daughter Insha, who is married to fast bowler Shaheen Afridi, her dowry has also been declared as the dowry of her elder daughter Aqsa.

Insha and Shaheen got married in Karachi on February 3, which was attended by well-known personalities including cricketers of the national team.

The fast bowler was dressed in a kurta pajama for his marriage ceremony while the bride wore a light pink work ensemble.

Former captain Shahid Afridi’s daughter Insha’s right to dowry, Maher-e-Fatima RA has been kept.

Maher Fatima What happens?

Mehr-e-Fatima is called the Maher that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prescribed for Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra, the Lady of Paradise, and other daughters and most of the pure wives.

Its amount is 500 dirhams of silver, the dowry of Fatima is equal to 530 grams of silver or its value in the present day weight, 131 decimal 25 tola from the ancient tola.



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