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The elderly woman was forced off the bus, the woman died on the highway -HP NEWS

Photo: Indian Media

In the Indian state of Orissa, a sick and elderly woman was forced off the bus, and the woman died on the highway.

According to Indian media, this incident happened on Thursday where a 50-year-old sick woman was returning to the village with her son after being discharged from the hospital.

According to reports, the woman and her son were traveling in a private bus when suddenly the woman’s condition worsened, on which the son asked the driver and conductor to take her to the hospital, after which the bus staff instead of helping the woman and her son sold the woman and her son. Forced off the highway.

The woman’s relatives told the media that the woman’s son could not get any help on the highway and did not have money for an ambulance. Later, the police reached the spot and shifted the woman to the hospital. The woman was declared dead by the doctors.

The police took a position on this incident that as soon as the incident was reported, the police and the people of the area reached the scene and the police took the woman to the hospital by ambulance, and then arranged for the body to be delivered to her home. No complaint was filed.

According to media reports, the son says that his mother could have survived if she had received timely medical help.



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