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Islamabad, Murree and Karachi police are the three claimants for Sheikh Rasheed’s custody -HP NEWS

Cases have been registered against Sheikh Rasheed in all three cities and he is currently in the custody of Islamabad Police – Photo: File

Police from three cities came forward to take Sheikh Rasheed into custody.

Islamabad Police, Murree Police and Karachi Police are the three claimants for Sheikh Rasheed’s custody.

In Karachi, the former Interior Minister has also been charged, in the case, Bilawal Bhutto has been accused of using indecent words, after which the Karachi Police has reached Islamabad to pick up Sheikh Rasheed.

On the other hand, the Murree police have also registered a case of interference in government affairs against Sheikh Rasheed.

The Murree Police requested the extradition of Sheikh Rasheed from the Islamabad Police, on which the Islamabad Police advised the Murree Police to approach the court.

Apart from this, on the contempt of court petition against the arrest of Sheikh Rasheed in the Islamabad High Court, the court remarked that the notice of summons had been suspended in the police station. It was not stopped, nor was your request.



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