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Home News Netflix’s mechanism to stop free password sharing revealed -HP NEWS

Netflix’s mechanism to stop free password sharing revealed -HP NEWS

Netflix's mechanism to stop free password sharing revealed
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Popular video streaming company Netflix will begin a crackdown on account password sharing in various countries from the end of the first quarter of 2023.

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The company is already working in this regard in a few countries and various features have also been introduced.

Now the company has detailed for the first time how it will prevent different people from using the same account.

The company’s FAQ page details this, revealing that people not living in a home or primary location won’t be able to use that location account to watch streaming content in other locations.

Who will be able to use Netflix account now?

It will still be possible to share a Netflix account, but within a household.

Ensure that your devices are connected to the location’s Wi-Fi, for this purpose the company will ask users to connect to the primary location’s Wi-Fi.

Would it be possible to share an account with someone outside the household?

This will no longer be possible and one account can only be used within one household.

According to the company, an individual who attempts to log into an account from an unrelated device at a different location will be denied access to the service.

But the company will not automatically charge additional fees for sharing account details outside the home.

So how can you use your Netflix account while traveling?

A new mechanism will be introduced to make it easier for users to sign in to Netflix on a new device outside the home.

Such users will be requested to provide a temporary code from the Company upon signing in, which will allow them to access the account away from home for 7 days.

What to do to prevent Netflix from being blocked on a device?

This requires signing in to Netflix at least once every 31 days at the primary location, after which the company will not block access to Netflix on the device.

If the service is blocked on the device then the company should be contacted.

Netflix will take into account IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine whether you are signed in to your account on a device at the primary location.

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