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Google is ready to make a revolutionary addition to its search engine -HP NEWS

A chatbot with AI technology is being tested by Google / File photo

Competition in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is increasing.

Apprentice Bard, a chatbot developed by the company, is being tested by Google employees to compete with the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT.

This AI chatbot will change the Google search experience forever.

CNBC’s Reports According to sources, Google has used its own language technology LaMDA for this chatbot.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT has gained a lot of popularity in the technology world in recent months.

People using it can easily get required details, write articles and much more.

Recently, it was reported that due to the increase in popularity of ChatGPT, Google has prepared a new plan.

The chatbot developed by Google also works pretty much like ChatGPT, which will allow users to get answers to any question on a dialog box.

But Google’s chatbot is more up-to-date than ChatGPT and it is also possible to get answers to questions from recent weeks.

Compared to this, details after 2021 can be obtained from Chat GPT but their accuracy is not guaranteed.

Along with Apprentice Bard, Google is also testing other products equipped with AI technology, including a search page.

Google has not confirmed the report, but a spokesperson said that we have been working on AI technology to improve people’s lives for a long time.

According to the spokesperson, we believe that AI is a world-changing technology that can be very useful at the individual level as well as for businesses and communities.



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