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American skier killed in avalanche -HP NEWS

Kyle Osman wins gold in the 2015 World Championships halfpipe / File photo

American freestyle skier Kyle Osman was killed in an avalanche while skiing in Japan.

According to the British news agency, 31-year-old Kyle Esman went skiing with his friends on the snowy mountains of Japan where he had an accident. Esman’s death has been confirmed by his family.

The local administration says that 5 people from America and Austria had gone for skiing but were hit by an avalanche during which 3 skiers were saved and 2 died.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned in the media reports that the Meteorological Department had issued a warning for those going to the area after several days of heavy snowfall and record cold.

Kyle Osman won gold in the 2015 World Championships halfpipe.



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