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Covid-19 is still a global emergency, according to the World Health Organization -HP NEWS

The world organization told about this in a statement / Reuters photo

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the Covid-19 epidemic is still a global emergency.

This statement has been issued when it has been 3 years since the outbreak of Covid-19 was declared a global health emergency.

On January 30, 2020, the World Organization’s Emergency Committee declared Covid-19 a global emergency, with the aim of accelerating the process of research and preventive measures in this regard.

The most recent meeting of the Emergency Committee was held on January 27, in which recommendations regarding the Covid epidemic were sent to the Director General of WHO.

Now a statement was issued by the international organization in this regard.

The statement said that the emergency committee meeting once again said that the Covid epidemic is still a global crisis.

The statement said that the Director-General of WHO agrees with the advice given by the Emergency Committee regarding the Covid epidemic.

The statement said the director-general acknowledged the committee’s view that the Covid-19 pandemic is still in a transition phase and appreciated the advice on the need to proceed cautiously during the process to avoid negative consequences. .

Earlier on January 27, the World Health Organization said that last week around 40,000 deaths were reported as a result of Covid.



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