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Seeing Rakhi Sawant’s mother’s dead body, Tsar and Qatar cried -HP NEWS

Indian dancer and model Rakhi Sawant cried after seeing her mother’s dead body.

Yesterday, Rakhi Sawant announced the death of her mother on social media.

Remember that Rakhi Sawant’s mother was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment in the hospital for a long time, the actress was very close to her mother and spent most of her time with her in the hospital.

Now some videos of Rakhi Sawant’s mother’s dead body being brought out of the hospital and placed in the ambulance have come out on the Indian media, in which the actress is seen pushing the stretcher with her mother’s dead body and crying profusely after seeing her mother’s dead body in the ambulance. can be seen.

In the viral videos on social media, it can be seen that the actress is crying to her loved one saying that since yesterday, the mother was saying that it is hurting, it is hurting.

In the video, Rakhi Sawant can be seen hugging a person and crying saying that Ami was screaming until yesterday that she was in pain but now she has calmed down.



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