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2 people died in the earthquake in Iran, more than 500 were injured -HP NEWS

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake was recorded in northwestern Iran near the border with Turkey: Iranian media/Photo courtesy of Social Media

Tehran: 2 people died and 500 people were injured as a result of an earthquake near the border of Turkey in the northwestern part of Iran.

According to a foreign news agency, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 was recorded in the northwestern part of Iran near the Turkish border.

The tremors of the earthquake were felt in 70 villages, 2 people died and more than 500 people were injured in various accidents due to the earthquake.

According to Iranian media, the epicenter of the earthquake was near the city of Khoi in Iran, where, according to emergency officials, snow continues to fall in some areas affected by the earthquake, while electricity supply is cut off in some areas.

Iranian authorities say that rescue activities have been started in the earthquake-affected areas and the injured have been transferred to the hospital.



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