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Destruction by rains in New Zealand, 3 people died in different incidents, emergency in Auckland -HP NEWS

Auckland received a record 249mm of rain in 24 hours. Photo social media

Heavy rains have wreaked havoc in Auckland, New Zealand, 3 people have died and one is missing in different incidents.

According to a foreign news agency, the New Zealand Meteorological Department says that a record 249 mm of rain fell in Auckland during 24 hours, and the heavy rains have created a flood situation in Auckland.

According to the Department of Meteorology, there is a possibility of more rains in Auckland for 5 days, a state of emergency has been implemented in the city.

According to the news agency, Auckland’s airport has also been submerged in water and passengers have been stranded at the airport. Domestic and international flights in Auckland have been suspended until Sunday.

According to media reports, rescue operation is going on to help the people surrounded by flood water.



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