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After 32 years cinema house full in Kashmir, what movie did people come to watch? -HP NEWS

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A Bollywood film in Kashmir filled the cinema houses after 32 years.

The film in question is none other than Shahrukh and Deepika Padukone’s ‘Pathan’, which is releasing worldwide on January 25, and is doing window-smashing business at the box office.

Along with the release, the movie ‘Pathan’ got many big records of Indian cinema, on the first day of the release, the movie had set a new record by doing business of more than 100 crore Indian rupees from all over the world.

This Shahrukh film is the first film in the history of Indian cinema to earn 100 crores on the first day of its release.

Talking about the earnings in India alone, the film earned around Rs 57 crore on the day of its release, which is also a record. Apart from this, Pathan has set a record of earnings in films not released on a holiday.

Worldwide, this production of Yash Raj Films has been installed on more than 8000 screens, including 5500 in India and 2500 abroad. Pathan has also become one of the most widely released films of recent times.

While Pathan won the hearts of fans in India, the film has raised flags in Occupied Kashmir as well.

According to reports, cinema houses are full in Kashmir after 32 years due to the movie Pathan.

According to Indian media, on January 26, a famous cinema chain in Kashmir issued a statement on Twitter that cinema houses are full in the Kashmir Valley after 32 years and all because of the movie Pathan.

In a photo shared with the statement, the organizers were seen standing next to the Housefull board outside Zascinema.

According to media reports, Pathan has also broken the opening day record of Hollywood film Avatar 2. James Cameron’s Avatar 2 earned $10 million on its opening day, while Pathan broke the record by earning $13 million on its first day. According to reports, Pathan is currently the number one film in the world in terms of business.

Due to the weekend, the film’s business is expected to increase further.



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