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‘Bulgh-ul-Ala Bakmala’ recited on mother’s wish: Ali Zafar -HP NEWS

Whenever I used to listen to this Qawwali after my mother said it, I used to think that so many great people have recited this verse, so how can I recite this verse?: Ali Zafar’s conversation/Photofile

Renowned singer Ali Zafar says that he recited his famous poem Bulgul-ul-Ala Bakmala on the wish of his mother.

During a conversation with private media, the host asked about Ali Zafar’s Kalam Bulgul-Ala Bakmala, to which Ali Zafar revealed that there is a story behind Kalam Bulgul-Ala Bakmala, this qawwali was loved by my mother.

Ali Zafar said, “My mother told me that listening and seeing this qawwali if you can read this verse, but after my mother said this, whenever I heard this qawwali, I thought that such great personalities has read this word, then how can I read this word’?

According to the famous singer, at the same time, his mother got corona due to which her health deteriorated, one day I lay down next to her mother to tie her mural and at that time I laid down next to her mother and sang some of her favorite songs. Put on comedies.

Ali Zafar further said that during this time I recited this Qawwali and then that day lying next to my mother I felt this Qawwali from my heart and decided that I will recite this Qawwali for my mother.



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