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The Taliban will set new rules regarding women’s work in NGOs -HP NEWS

Afghan women, despite being banned from working with NGOs, have received an encouraging response from several Taliban ministers during talks in Kabul: Senior UN leader/File Photo

The United Nations has said that the Taliban will set new laws for women’s aid work.

According to a foreign news agency report, Martin Griffiths, the head of the United Nations relief operations, met with several Taliban officials in connection with the relaxation of the ban on women workers in Afghanistan.

“I have been told by a number of Taliban leaders that they are working on regulations on the freedom of women to work in humanitarian work, and they hope this will happen soon,” Martin Griffiths said of the meeting.

The UN Aid Chief also said that we also told the Taliban rulers that if they could not help in lifting the ban on women workers, then we should be given the authority to take aid work from Afghan women.

He also said that he hoped humanitarian aid sectors would be reopened for Afghan women workers.



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