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Objectionable content against actresses removed: PTA -HP NEWS

FIA has started investigation by issuing complaint numbers, soon the material will be removed and investigation will be done: Investigating Officer/File Photo

KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) says that objectionable content of Pakistani actresses that could have been removed from social media has been removed.

In the Sindh High Court, a hearing was held on the petitions of famous actresses Mehwish Hayat and Kabra Khan regarding uploading objectionable content on social media, in which PTA, federal government and FIA submitted their responses.

Justice Nimatullah Phalphotu asked during the hearing that the material was directed to be removed, was it removed? On this, the public prosecutor said that Mehwish Hayat’s statement has been taken, Kabra Khan’s statement is to be taken.

The cyber crime wing officer said that the PTA has been asked to remove the content while the investigating officer said that the relevant content will be removed soon.

The PTA responded that the objectionable material that could have been removed by itself was removed, and the relevant authorities were contacted for the material to be removed from abroad.

The investigating officer told the court that the FIA ​​has started the investigation by issuing the complaint numbers, the material will be removed soon and the investigation will be conducted.

The court adjourned the hearing till February 24, seeking a progress report from the PTA, the federal government and the FIA.

It may be noted that Mehwish Hayat and Kabra Khan had approached the court against the statement of Adil Raja, in which they took the stand that the reputation was damaged by the fabricated, baseless allegations.



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