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Learn how to set a dynamic profile photo in Instagram -HP NEWS

In a tweet, the company announced the feature / Photo courtesy of Meta

Instagram has introduced a new feature dynamic profile photo.

This feature will allow users to use profile photo and digital avatar as profile picture simultaneously.

Before this feature, users could use either a profile photo or an avatar for their profile.

But now it will be possible to see both by rotating like a coin.

The Meta-owned photo sharing app said in a tweet that you can now add an avatar to the other side of your photo.

According to the company, visitors to the profile will be able to see both profile photos by clicking on the image.

How to use the feature

This feature is also easy to use just click on edit profile button and add your digital avatar there.

After doing this your profile photo will be automatically linked with avatar.

According to the social media network, this is the first time that avatar animation is being introduced.

The avatar creation feature in Instagram was introduced in 2022 and is now being featured more than the dynamic profile photo feature.

It is also possible to create digital avatars in other Meta apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger, but the dynamic profile photo feature is not yet a part of these services.



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