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Why did accused Aftab kill Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces? The police revealed the reason -HP NEWS

Delhi Police on Tuesday presented a 6,629-page charge sheet against Aftab Poonawalla in the court/file photo

A few revelations have come out about the sad incident that happened in India last year.

Delhi Police on Tuesday presented the charge sheet against Aftab Poonewala in the court after which Aftab’s judicial remand was extended till February 7.

In the charge sheet, the police revealed that Aftab killed Shraddha in a fit of rage because she was meeting a friend.

The police said that the reason for Aftab’s anger was that Aftab did not like the person Shraddha went to meet.

According to the police, Shraddha and Aftab had an argument on May 17, their anniversary (the day they met for the first time), after which Shraddha went to the house of a friend made on the dating app and spent the night there.

The next day, when Shraddha returned, Aftab became violent and cut her into 35 pieces with a saw.

It should be noted that Aftab Poonawalla is accused of murdering his friend Shraddha after a bitter argument in May. To hide the crime, Aftab cut the body into 35 pieces and kept them in the refrigerator and one by one in 18 days in different places of the city. throw



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