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Using WhatsApp is now safer than ever with the new best feature -HP NEWS

WhatsApp said this in a tweet / File photo

WhatsApp has August 2021 ‘View Once’ feature.

The picture or video sent under this feature disappears from the chat once it is opened.

But there was a security vulnerability in this feature and it was possible to take a screenshot of the images sent under ViewWins.

But now Meta’s proprietary app has made this feature even better, making it impossible to take screenshots of messages.

A tweet from WhatsApp said that it will no longer be possible to take screenshots of messages sent under View Ones.

The feature has been in the works for several months and was released in beta in October 2022.

But now it is being introduced for all users.

According to the company, if a user now tries to take a screenshot or record a message sent under ViewWins, the screen will go black.

Even a third-party app will not be able to take a screenshot of such messages.

Note that while introducing ViewWins, WhatsApp said that this feature can be used to send sensitive information such as a picture of the Wi-Fi password.

But taking a screenshot could have threatened the security of users, which is being prevented now.



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