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An avalanche almost the size of Lahore broke away from Antar Katika -HP NEWS

A fissure spreading across the site / Reuters photo

An iceberg almost as big as Lahore in terms of area has broken away from the Burnt Ice Shelf of Antar Katika.

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said the 1,550 square kilometer iceberg broke off from the Burnt Ice Shelf on January 22 and is now likely to flow into the Waddal Sea.

Keep in mind that the area of ​​Lahore is 1772 square kilometers, that is, this iceberg is not much smaller than that.

According to the BAS, a crevasse appeared before the iceberg separated from the ice shelf.

The incident took place near BAS’s Hale Research Station and 21 crew members were rescued.

A decade ago, BAS experts noticed large cracks in the ice shelf, and now the iceberg has split.

According to BAS director Dame Jane Francis, experts had already expected this to happen.

He said that the separation of the avalanches was not a result of climate change and it happened naturally.

The Hale station was shifted 23 km away in 2016 due to the widening of the fissure, and since 2017, staff is stationed there only from November to March (when it is summer in Uttar Pradesh).

This is the second time in the last 2 years that a large avalanche has broken out in this region.

Earlier in May 2021, the world’s largest iceberg broke off from the Rooney Ice Shelf in Antarctica and started flowing into the ocean.

The area of ​​this avalanche was 4320 square kilometers, which means it was more than twice the size of Lahore.



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