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Why do we often ‘see’ our breath? -HP NEWS

The answer lies within us / File photo

We are sometimes able to ‘see’ our breath when walking outside during cold weather, but why not in spring or summer?

The answer lies within us.

The short answer is that when you exhale water vapor, it collides with the surrounding cold air and forms tiny droplets of water and ice, resulting in the visible breath or so on. Say you see smoke coming out of your mouth.

Now if it is explained, this process is not simple but quite complex.

We all know that we need oxygen to live and we get this gas by inhaling air.

This oxygen goes to various parts of the body and helps in maintaining proper bodily functions.

But with each breath we also exhale different gases and carbon dioxide is the main gas in the exhaled breath, but it is not the only gas but we also exhale some amount of oxygen and water vapor.

About 70% of our body consists of water and we need it for many biological functions of the body.

So it’s not surprising that most of our internal organs, including the lungs, are humid.

Since most of the activities of the lungs are related to gases, such as oxygen absorption, filtration and excretion of various gases, the breath that is expelled from the body contains a certain amount of water in the form of vapor.

You can test this easily, cup your hands in front of your mouth and inhale a few times.

Then rub the hands together, this will feel the moisture on the palm, which means that with each exhalation water vapor will reach the palm.

As far as cold weather breath is concerned, it occurs as a result of the interaction between the moisture in the breath and the moisture in the cold air.

The term dew point or dew point is used for such air temperature.

This is the temperature at which water vapor condenses into dew or dew.

The air you exhale has a higher moisture content and a higher temperature than the cold outside air.

As a result, the energy of the water vapor in the exhaust air is lost very quickly, and instead of moving rapidly, the gas molecules in the water vapor gather together and fall slowly downwards, and the liquid water becomes smaller. Take the form of droplets.

So in this way we see smoke coming out of the mouth, but this smoke is invisible on hot days because the warm outside air provides sufficient energy for the water vapor.

That is, it is impossible to emit smoke through the mouth on a hot day and it is possible even in cold weather when the humidity or dew point level of the air is high.



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