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Yemeni Zaidi’s first glamorous look in Geo’s drama ‘Tere Bin’, how was the experience of working with Wahaj? -HP NEWS

Pakistan’s famous actress Yamuna Zaidi says that for the drama serial ‘Tere Bin’, I have tried to change my look, my acting from all the previous roles, while till now I have been playing simple roles.

In the drama ‘Tere Bin’ aired on Geo Entertainment, Yemeni Zaidi is seen in the role of Merib, in this story revolving around the feudal system, customs and traditions, Merib is an open-minded, fearless and upright. She is a fearless girl, however, several important aspects of her life have been affected by the feudal system in the first few episodes.

Yamuna Zaidi, who plays various roles with simplicity but beauty, is playing a glamorous role this time. While I have been playing roles with simplicity till now.

I think anything needs to be broken, improved or changed: Yemeni Zaidi

He said, “I think it’s important to break, improve or change anything, whether it’s the furniture in the house or your appearance, just try to make the change look the same on the screen.” thought of as

About this character on social media, Atiqa Odhu said that in the first episode, Mireb appeared as a bubbly girl, I think that Yamuna should play a more mature role, but the actress also praised her performance.

However, about this role, Yemeni Zaidi says that the role of Merib is that of a girl who did not grow up in the environment of the mansion, so when she comes to the mansion, it becomes difficult for this girl to spend time. I don’t like the people who live in her.

It was being said on social media that Mireb’s character is seen as a bad-tempered girl, but the actress said about Mireb’s behavior that she also does not like the way Mireb talks to her elders, but anyway. This is a story.

On this question, how similar is the character of Merib to Yemeni? The actress said that the character does not resemble her at all, I think Merib’s one line is that she is obsessed with fulfilling her dreams, she has done all the other things on the side and maybe on that. May he learn a lesson.

Yamuna said that when it comes to directing, whenever she wants to look glamorous on screen, she wishes to work with Siraj ul Haq. He has mastered the contemporary craft which is the reason why he is considered as an educated director of the drama industry.

Talking about the experience of working with Wahaj Ali, the actress said, “Wahaj is a great actor and this time I am surprised to see his performance in the role of Murtisam, he has done a great job.”

It should be noted that Wahaj Ali is playing the role of Murtasam in the drama serial Tere Bin, before that he was seen on screen with Yamuna Zaidi in ‘Dil Na Omid To Nahi’.



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