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A pulse-pounding film with a unique story -HP NEWS

This movie was released in 2018 / Screenshot

The current era is called information technology, dominated by the Internet and smartphones.

Most people spend their lives using different screens.

One such film Searching was released in 2018 in which a man searches for his missing daughter through smartphones and the internet.

The film strongly reflects the technology of the present era and also shows how this technology has alienated children from their parents.

Aneesh Chaganty quit his job at Google to direct the film while John Cho played the lead role.

It is a film in which the entire story is told through a computer or smartphone screen in a way that makes the hearts of the viewers beat faster and not even blink their eyelids.

The success of the film can be estimated from the fact that its total budget was 880 thousand dollars while it earned 75 million dollars at the box office.

The plot

It is the story of a father whose teenage daughter goes missing and he enlists the help of the police to find her, but to no avail, as the police believe that the girl has run away from home on her own.

After which he himself goes out to find Betty and checks Betty’s laptop and some surprising facts come to him.

He learns that his daughter has become friends with another girl using a streaming site.

Similarly, from other social media sites, he learns that his daughter often goes to a lake and after this discovery, the police find the girl’s car submerged but not her body.

In this way, the story moves forward in a curious way and it is also known how the relations of human beings are changing in the present era.

The way a father’s quest to find his daughter ends is shocking.

Some interesting facts related to the movie

In the German, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese language versions of the film, all texts displayed on TV, phone and computer screens were developed separately for those languages.

The shooting of the film was completed in just 13 days but its release took 2 years after editing and other stages.

Most of the computer operating systems, programs and websites featured in the film were self-developed.

The film’s protagonist, John Cho, looks younger in real life, so the production team used make-up to make his face look older.

The end of the film was hinted at in the beginning.

Initially, the director wanted to make it a short film of 8 minutes duration, but after seeing its story, it was made into a full length film.

The film was shot with various devices such as go pro, drones, news helicopters, mini cameras, web cameras and iPhones.

The second part of this movie titled Missing is released in 2023 which is completely different in every respect.



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