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Some important privacy features of WhatsApp that everyone should know -HP NEWS

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WhatsApp started as a general messaging service to help people connect with their friends and relatives.

But gradually WhatsApp was transformed into an all-in-one social platform with features like stories, communities, avatars, WhatsApp business, group calls and payments.

The Meta-owned messaging service has also introduced a number of privacy features over the years to protect WhatsApp accounts.

Learn about some of the best WhatsApp privacy features that every user should use.

Two-step verification

Like Facebook, Twitter and other major social media platforms, WhatsApp also has a 2-step verification feature that strengthens the security of accounts.

To use this feature, open WhatsApp on your phone and then go to Settings by clicking on the three-dot menu.

Go to Accounts option in Settings and select Turn on by clicking on Two-Step Verification.

After doing this you will need to enter (and remember) the 6-digit pin code while also adding an email address to reset the pin code.

Using end-to-end encrypted backups

Well, WhatsApp has the end-to-end encryption feature for private messages by default, but you have to do it yourself for backup.

When you enable end-to-end encryption for backup data, no one (even WhatsApp) can access it.

To use this feature, go to WhatsApp settings and click on Chats and then Chat Backup option.

Enable it by clicking on End-to-End Encrypted Backup there, after doing this you need to enter a password for the backup.

If you forget the password and the phone is also lost, then even WhatsApp will not be able to help you to recover the backup data.

An alternative solution is a 64-digit encryption key that can be stored anywhere.

Hide last scene and online status

If you don’t know, know that every time you open WhatsApp, anyone who opens a chat with your name can know when you were online or when you were last online, but You can hide last seen and online status in WhatsApp from specific people or all contacts.

To use this feature, open WhatsApp and go to Settings and there click on Accounts and select the Privacy option.

There click on last seen and online, where you will see the options of Everyone, My contacts, No body and My contacts except, from which you can choose the option you like.

Note that if you hide last scene and online status from everyone, you will not be able to see other people’s last scene and online status.

Hide profile photo from specific people

To use this feature go to privacy option in WhatsApp settings and click on profile photo there.

After doing this, select the contacts you don’t want to share the profile photo with by clicking on My contacts except.

Hide your status from specific accounts

By default, your status in WhatsApp is visible to all accounts, but you can hide it from specific contacts.

For this go to WhatsApp Settings Privacy and then Status.

There select the contacts from whom you want to hide the status by clicking on My contacts except or you can also choose the option to share the status with only a few accounts.

Disable read receipts

If you want to disappear the blue tick that appears after viewing a message, go to Account and then Privacy in Settings and uncheck the box for Read Receipts there.

Remember that after doing this, others will not know when you read the message, but you also won’t be able to know when your friend read your message.

Use the biometric feature

You can also secure your WhatsApp accounts with biometrics (fingerprints).

For this feature go to WhatsApp Settings Privacy and then Fingerprint Lock option.

In this option, enable the unlock with fingerprint option, after doing this, you will see 3 options to lock WhatsApp i.e. immediately, one minute or 30 minutes, of which the time of your choice will be displayed. Make a choice.

Prevent others from adding themselves to WhatsApp groups

For this feature select Privacy and then Groups in WhatsApp settings.

Select contacts by clicking My contacts except within groups.

The contacts you select will not be able to add you to any WhatsApp group.



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