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Bold Mehndi Becomes Mum, Singer’s Message to Prince Harry, Memes Storm -HP NEWS

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It is common for fake news about famous personalities to circulate on social media, but it is rare to see an artist or personality taking false claims as true and reacting without verification.

A recent victim was the Indian Punjabi singer Dalir Mehndi, who was made an uncle by reference to the book of British Prince Harry.

What is the matter?

As it happened, a parody Twitter account shared the fake news that Prince Harry revealed in his book ‘Spear’ that he listened to Dalir Mehdi’s songs for comfort during his difficult times and that these songs helped him get through the tough times. Helped.

In the tweet, Prince Harry wrote that when I felt lonely and separated from my family, I would always find time for myself to listen to Dalir Mehndi because his lyrics resonated so much with me. And were very helpful in feeling calm.

However, Daler Mehndi took the hilarious tweet as the truth and reacted to it and also thanked Prince Harry.

The singer wrote that I am thankful to Guru Nanak as well as my parents for helping me create such unique pop-folk ethnic songs.

“Thank you, Prince Harry,” added Daler Mehndi. God bless you, thanks that my music helped you.

On this reaction of the Indian singer, the users are laughing, while some even made memes.



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