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Home News ‘I hope papa’s proud princesses will be sent to jail’, the actor...

‘I hope papa’s proud princesses will be sent to jail’, the actor burst out on the Lahore school incident -HP NEWS

'I hope papa's proud princesses will be sent to jail', the actor burst out on the Lahore school incident
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Showbiz personalities exploded after the students of a private school in Defense area of ​​Lahore humiliated a student and adopted an inhumane attitude towards her and also demanded strict action against the female students.

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Actress Yashma Gill termed this incident of violence as sad and said that we don’t know when our children and youth will understand that humiliating someone and torturing someone is not a good thing.

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Singer and actor Ali Zafar also made a series of tweets regarding this incident and said that the accused girls who mocked should get a chance to become good people but the one affected by this incident should also get justice.

Ali Zafar also said that the problem of violence and ridicule of students should be discussed in educational institutions, and rules and regulations should be set in schools and colleges in this regard.

Singer Qaratul Ain Baloch also described this behavior as vile and inappropriate and said who is this inhuman creature?

At the same time, the singer attacked the Twitter account of the Ministry of Education and asked if you can take the first step and teach these students a lesson in ethics.

Actress and model Mirab Ali termed this act as despicable and expressed hope that she hopes that the girl who was subjected to torture will get justice and Papa’s princesses will be punished and sent to jail.

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Actor and host Ahmed Ali Butt blamed the management of educational institutions for the incident. He wrote on his Instagram story that parents of children who do not know what their children are doing are responsible for such incidents.

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Ahmad Ali Butt wrote that our children and youth have gone astray due to the unnecessary use of drugs and the negative use of media.

Ahmad Ali Butt further said that four girls were torturing a girl together while the rest of the girls were making videos of them and mocking them by calling the girl’s name.

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