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The farmer made a picture of Massey out of the corn crop -HP NEWS

Photo: Foreign media

A farmer has paid a unique tribute to Argentina captain Lionel Messi who lifted the FIFA World Cup trophy in Qatar.

A farmer from Argentina planted a crop in a corn field to take a photo of Messi and pay tribute to the World Cup-winning captain.

According to foreign media reports, a farmer named Maxi Miliano in Las Condores, Cordoba province, Argentina, grew crops on a 124-acre corn field in such a beautiful way that when seen from the air, the crop became the shape of Messi.

According to reports, the farmer used a unique algorithm to plant the seeds in specific locations to create the Macy shape so that when the corn grows, it will look like a Macy when viewed from a higher vantage point.

Kisan says this is my tribute to Messi and his team in the joy of winning the World Cup.

It should be noted that earlier, after Argentina won the World Cup, football fans also made tattoos of Messi on the body.



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