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Find out why the Wikipedia website feels different -HP NEWS

After a long time, the Wikipedia website has been redesigned / Photo courtesy of the Wikimedia Foundation

If you often visit the Wikipedia website on a computer or laptop, it may look a lot different than before.

It’s not just happening to you, but for the first time in a decade, Wikipedia has been redesigned.

Well, the website hasn’t changed much, but the content tab has been removed.

Now the sections of the content tab have moved to the left side which keeps scrolling up and down so that users don’t have to scroll up and click on the desired section.

The Wikipedia search has also been improved and now typing something in there will show images and descriptions.

The mechanism for switching languages ​​has also been simplified by changing the language names to the top right instead of the left.

By clicking on languages ​​you can select the language of your choice.

This change in Wikipedia’s user interface has been made to 300 of the 318 language pages, while users have also been asked for feedback on the redesign, meaning more changes are possible.

A website redesign was announced by Wikipedia in 2020 and has now been implemented.

According to the Wikimedia Foundation, no functions have been removed and changes to the website have been made after testing by groups of volunteers.

The goal of redesigning the website is to make it accessible to Internet users who are less familiar with the online world, the foundation said.



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