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New quiet mode introduced in Instagram, what is its purpose? -HP NEWS

This feature has just been rolled out in a few countries / Photo courtesy of Meta

Instagram users seem to be spending so much time on the app that now the company wants people to start staying away from the social media for a while.

This is why the photo sharing app owned by Meta has introduced a new feature called Quiet Mode.

Under Quiet Mode, the Instagram app blocks notifications, activity status updates, and auto-replies to direct messages.

This feature is currently rolled out in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to a statement released by Metta, young people tell us that they want time away from the app for a while and want to focus on other activities at night.

This is the reason why this feature has been introduced.

According to the company, under this feature, notifications will not be sent to users until a certain time at night.

A few other tools have also been introduced by Instagram in this regard.

When a user clicks the Not Interested button on a post in Explore, Instagram will not show similar content in Rails, Search, and other sections.

Similarly, it is possible to prevent the suggestion of content related to words, emojis and hashtags by adding them in the privacy settings.

Users are also being provided the facility to hide multiple posts simultaneously in the Explore section of Instagram.



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