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In the extreme cold of Quetta, the rates of gas and firewood also increased -HP NEWS

The price of wood, which was sold at Rs 1200 a month ago, has reached Rs 1600/Photofile.

Due to the non-availability of needle gas pressure during the severe winter in Quetta, people started using firewood to keep their houses warm.

Out of the 35 districts of Balochistan, needle gas facility is available in only 10 districts, including Quetta, Pashin, Sibi, Bolan, Kalat and Ziarat, but with the arrival of winter, the pressure of needle gas in these districts would be very low. In view of which consumers are looking for alternative sources.

Wood is used as fuel to keep homes warm in winter where temperatures drop several degrees below freezing.

Wood for burning at home, which is usually sold at 1200 rupees, goes up to 1600 rupees in winter, which is why it is becoming difficult for citizens to use firewood.

Talking to Geo News, the citizens complained that there is no sign of gas, so they have come to buy wood. But someone says 1400 manna, the next one says 1600 manna, go ahead and someone says 2000 manna, the poor servant is so worried but no one listens.

On the other hand, a shopkeeper named Sanaullah said that there is no gas pressure at all, so wood is selling at Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,600 and if there is gas, the rate is Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,200.

In those districts of Balochistan where the facility of needle gas is not available, the importance of wood to keep the houses warm cannot be denied, so the citizens demand that the government take measures to reduce the availability and price of wood.



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