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Return of El Niño in 2023 warns of alarming increase in climate intensity -HP NEWS

Scientists warn this / Reuters Photo

If you thought 2022 was too hot, 2023 could be even more disastrous as our planet will experience an El Nino wave.

El Nino is a weather phenomenon that causes much of the Pacific Ocean to warm up more than usual and also increase the overall temperature of the Earth.

British Met Office scientists have warned that El Nino will return sometime in 2023, leading to increased global climate extremes and a strong possibility that global temperatures will rise by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. be done

2016 is currently the hottest year in the world and this year El Nino played a role in increasing the temperature.

During the last 3 years a La Nina wave was observed which keeps the weather somewhat cold.

It has already been predicted that this year could be hotter than 2023.

2022 was ranked as the 5th warmest year on record, but with an El Niño wave likely to begin in the middle of the year, the effects of rising temperatures will be felt for months, meaning global temperatures in 2024 A new record can be made.

Compared to the industrial era, the global temperature has increased by 1.2 degrees Celsius, the devastating effects of which are being felt all over the world.

British Met Office official Professor Adam Scaife said there is a strong possibility that a new wave of El Niño could lead to a rise in temperatures of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

He added that due to climate change, the effects of El Nino wave will be more destructive than before and the rate of heat waves may be unprecedented in history.

According to experts, the weather we usually consider warm today will be considered average in the future, but the question is how will we interpret the weather we call ‘warm’ in the future.

He said that it is not possible to say much about El Nino yet, but most of the weather forecasts have said that it may start with moderate intensity from the summer of 2023, in this regard, the picture will be clear by June.



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