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Robbery, widow and young son killed in Karachi -HP NEWS

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Unknown suspects killed a widow by slitting her throat in Shah Latif Town police station in Karachi.

According to the police, unknown suspects killed a widow woman in the house with a sharp instrument while drowning the woman’s 2-year-old child in a water tank in Quaidabad Goshth Street, Shah Latif police station limits.

The woman’s husband, Sajid, had passed away and she was on Eid at home. After the death of the victim’s husband, she lived alone in the house.

Hamad, the nephew of the woman, while talking to Geo News, said that when we went round the house of aunt in Syria, the main door was not closed, but the door of the room was closed from the inside. .

After 8 pm, my mother and sister came, peeped through the window and saw that aunt was covered in blood, while the body of the child was found in the water tank.

The crime scene unit of the police has collected evidence from the scene, the victim has been identified as 35-year-old Faiza, while the child has been identified as 2-year-old Zohan.

The cupboard of the house was open and gold and cash and mobile phone of the deceased were also missing from the house, the deceased was the second wife of her husband, the husband of the deceased had no children from the first wife.



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