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The rights and protection of transgenders will not be harmed, Sindh government assured -HP NEWS

The Government of Sindh has assured the transgender community that the government will not compromise their rights, protection, welfare and employment.

Sindh Human Rights Department, an organization working for transgender rights, Sabrang Society, organized an awareness seminar on the occasion of Transgender Day of Visibility, in which Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister for Human Rights Surinder Vilasai, Chairman of Sindh Human Rights Commission. Iqbal Dathu, Sub-Ring Society Head Commissioner, Sindh Women’s Rights Commission Chairperson Nizhat Shireen, Aurat Foundation Director Mehnaz Rehman, Hina Gulji, Nisha Rao and others spoke.

Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister for Human Rights Surendra Vilasai said that the people’s government of the province has taken revolutionary steps for the rights, protection and welfare of the transgender community.

He said that Sindh is the only province in the country where the transgender community has been represented in local bodies.

Surendra Vilasai said that quota has been allocated in government jobs to help the transgender community in Sindh to stand on their feet economically.

He further said that giving the coverage of Beneezir Income Support Program to the transgender community is also a privilege of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Surendra Vilasai said that Transgender Welfare Centers will be established at the divisional level in Sindh on behalf of the Human Rights Department, all the administrative affairs of which will be run by transgender people.

He said that no one can deny the fact that only Pakistan People’s Party takes practical measures for the backward and weak sections of the country.

Sindh Human Rights Commission Chairman Iqbal Ditho said that his organization is determined to work under a comprehensive strategy to prevent discrimination and injustice against the transgender community.

He said that there is no doubt that the problems and challenges faced by the transgender community are many, but the transgender community has to approach the government institutions to solve them.

Nizhat Shirin said that the conditions of the transgender community have changed compared to the past. On the one hand, the number of transgender community organizations has increased, on the other hand, the society is slowly changing.

He emphasized that there is a need to take special measures regarding education, health and employment of the transgender community at the government level.

Kami Sid, head of Sub-Ring Society, shed light on the problems faced by the transgender community in Pakistan and the struggles of the people of the community.

He said that there is still a lot of work to be done and a long way to go so that the transgender community is considered as a citizen like other people in our society.

A short film on the issues of the transgender community was also screened at the seminar, which was well received by the participants.

Jameel Hussain Junejo, Dr. Rakesh Motiani, Hina Gulji and others were also present on this occasion.



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