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Prince Harry faces backlash for claiming he was killed by the Afghan Taliban -HP NEWS

Prince Harry, file photo

Prince Harry, who separated from the British royal family, is facing protests for claiming to have been killed by the Afghan Taliban.

A Russian artist named Andrey Molodkin, an anti-immigrant war, is planning to ‘soak’ St Paul’s Cathedral in human blood this month to ‘honour’ Prince Harry for killing 25 Afghan Taliban, international media reports. Can be protested against.

Earlier, the artist Andrey Molodkin’s famous statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin showed him covered in the blood of Ukrainian soldiers.

It should be noted that recently Prince Harry is facing criticism from the British media for claiming the killing of 25 Afghan Taliban.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is being mocked by pro-monarchy pundits and tabloid media in Britain for talking about the Afghanistan war in his autobiography.

In this regard, the fans of Prince Harry say that the British media is criticizing the prince only because he has separated from the royal family.



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