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Arjun Rampal described the failure of ‘Dhakar’ as unbelievable -HP NEWS

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal has termed the failure of Kangana Ranaut starrer Dhakak as unbelievable.

Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta and Shareeb Hashmi played prominent roles in the film, released in 2022.

Arjun Rampal had been keeping quiet since the film’s flop, finally he opened up about it.

According to an Indian media report, the actor refused to accept the flop of Dhakkar and said that I don’t think the film deserved to flop.

He said that it was very painful that the film Dhakkar did not last at the box office. I think this big budget film did not get the recognition it deserved.

Arjun Rampal added that there is no doubt that Dhakak was one of the few films released after the corona virus, maybe that’s why people didn’t come to the theatres.

He said that it is also a fact that Bhol Bhaliyaan 2 was also released at the same time but it did good business, you can also say that we released Dhakar with the wrong film.

The actor admitted that every film has a destiny and that’s what happens to it, we have to accept it and move on.

Arjun Rampal said that despite all this I am proud that I was a part of the film Dhakkar.



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