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Special session of Mahira Khan and Anwar Maqsood at Arts Council Karachi -HP NEWS

Organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the event ‘Ek Sham Mahira Khan Ke Naam’ was organized, which was hosted by renowned writer and intellectual Anwar Maqsood.

All the people present in the auditorium hall gave a standing ovation and welcomed the famous comedian Anwar Maqsood and actress Mahira Khan.

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that everyone knows Mahira Khan and Anwar Maqsood, it is a matter of happiness for us that today Mahira is among us, I thank Faiza and Nabeel without whom this would not have been possible.

Anwar Maqsood started the conversation and said that whenever I have talked to someone, he was a politician or a soldier, today I am talking to an actress like this for the first time. Among them are Uzma Gilani, Khaleda Rasht, Samina Ahmed, Sania Saeed, Rubina Ashraf, Bushra Ansari and Badr Khalil.

He added that till now I have not written any play for Mahira because since I stopped writing, Mahira Khan became famous.

Famous actress Mahira Khan said that I wanted to become an actress since childhood, my grandmother objected to it, I was offered to become a VJ, so she said that I have to work in films, to become a VJ, I asked my family to become a VJ. After taking permission, when Shoaib Mansoor called, I couldn’t believe that he was offering work in the film “Bol”. I said to Shoaib that I have just had a baby, I got the answer that it doesn’t matter, in our time babies used to be born on the set, then I, mother, Abu and my son Azlan went to Lahore.

When asked about the script, Mahira Khan said that nowadays the scripts are too long, to which Anwar Maqsood said that when I wrote Satara and Mehralansa, there was no forced dialogue in it. A play has been written for V, the name of this play is “Bandi”.

Mahira Khan said that if girls are not financially independent, they cannot do much. It was great to work in India. It was my dream to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

Anwar Maqsood then asked what you and Shah Rukh Khan had in common except the nose, to which the whole hall erupted in applause, Mahira Khan laughed and said that many people told me to get a nose surgery, I said. Never, what’s the use if the nose is cut off?

He said that what I have learned in life is to come on time and give my full time. I also produced the telefilm “Ek Hai Nigar”. In the eyes of men, the story of the generalist is the story of a courageous woman.

He said that listening to old songs is my hobby, I like Pakistani Sufi Kalam, Rafi and Geeta Dutt songs, I had two DVDs when I went to college, Gurudut Ki Payasa and Angan Tedha. I tried very hard to speak good Punjabi in Mola Jat.

Anwar Maqsood said that I have seen your movie “Mola Jat” three times in which Moola Jat drinks a lot and becomes Fawad Khan while romancing. Some things are said by me on social media, everything else is a lie.

Mahira Khan expressed her desire and said that any politician should be honest, to which Anwar Maqsood said that an honest person can make everyone dishonest. People will have their hands cut off.

In the end, Mahira Khan was given the Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan Award by President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah Arts Council Karachi.

Renowned painter Shahid Rasam and Executive Director Daniyal Umar were also with him on this occasion.



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