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Heavy stone pelting on the convoy of the Indian State Minister, the glass of the vehicle was broken -HP NEWS

Stones were pelted on the convoy of Minister of State for Home Nishit Pramanak in West Bengal state of India.

The minister belonging to the BJP said that the stone pelting was done by Trinamool Congress supporters.

Due to stone pelting, the front window of the State Minister’s SUV was broken.

Police fired tear gas shells to control the crowd, the Indian minister was on his way to the party office when his convoy was attacked by the mob.

According to media reports, the agitation against Nishit Pramanak is because a tribal leader has been killed in alleged firing by the Border Security Force.

The Border Security Force is under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee also accused the minister of state at a rally of not taking steps to address the concerns raised by the tribal leader’s death.

The Trinamool Congress had announced that they would hold protests against Pramanak.



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