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How was US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine ‘secret’? -HP NEWS

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US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine has been described as unique and heroic in many respects.

According to foreign media, White House officials are calling the US President’s visit to Ukraine unprecedented in modern times, as it is under regular attack and is a war zone.

White House officials say that in the past, large numbers of US troops have been on standby during trips to war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to foreign media, only 2 journalists were allowed to travel with the US President, who were sworn to non-disclosure and their mobile phones were also taken away.

According to British media, the two journalists accompanying the president were not allowed to cover the visit until Joe Biden arrived in Kiev.

According to reports, a small plane was used for the tour, which was parked well away from the general area and all its windows were rolled down.

According to foreign media, the US President was accompanied by a very small medical team, security and other personnel.

According to foreign media, the American president left Washington for Ukraine at 4 am, after which he also traveled by train from Poland for 10 hours.

According to reports, US President Joe Biden stayed in Ukraine for 5 hours.

According to US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, Russia was informed about this trip a few hours before the departure of President Biden.

“I’m not going to go into how Russia responded and what the nature of our message was, but I can confirm that we did notice them,” Jack Sullivan said.

It should be noted that before his visit to Poland, US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, yesterday.



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