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The prices of things will be lower in the coming time, Musadik Malik -HP NEWS

Mossadegh Malik – Photo: File

Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadegh Malik claimed that the inflation rate will decrease in the future.

While giving a press conference in Lahore, Mossadegh Malik said that economic recovery is the priority of the present government, due to government policies, the prices of things will be reduced soon.

He said that he wants to solve the problems of the people, he will put less burden on the poor, taxes will be imposed on the rich.

He said that the price of gas will be lower for the poor, the tariff has been reduced by 60%, the production cost of gas will be reduced from 25 rupees to 7 rupees.

Mossadegh Malik said that Pakistan has not defaulted, will give loans to 6 million youth.

The Minister of State said that they buy petrol with dollars, if they sell cheap oil then the country will go bankrupt, one third of the oil will be bought from Russia.

Mossadegh Malik said that the one who steals bread is not punished, the thief of diamonds and jewels is not even asked.

He said that the person who steals watches worth billions of rupees is sitting at home, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified for not taking salary from his son, the senior leadership of PML-N had to bear the hardships of imprisonment.

The Minister of State said that the previous government bought luxury cars worth billions of rupees, Imran Khan is sitting at home and advising people’s children to be jailed.



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