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Reading Faiz’s poetry makes my heart go to jail: Javed Akhtar -HP NEWS

Javed Akhtar—File photo

Famous Indian poet and songwriter Javed Akhtar has said that jail is not a beautiful place but reading Faiz’s poetry makes me want to go to jail.

Javed Akhtar, who came from India at the Faiz Festival in Lahore, said that the distance between Lahore and Amritsar is 30 km, but the ignorance in both countries is amazing, the girls sitting in Lahore do not know that some Punjabis are also Hindus.

Javed Akhtar said that communication is blocked on both sides, maybe it is a little more for you, we did big functions of Mehdi Hasan and Nusrat, but you did not have any functions for Lata Mangeshkar.

He said that there are good people in Lahore, great concerts are held here, if you ever call me in the future, please call me for a week, my work is not done in 3 days.

The Indian poet said that the people in Lahore start to look good that it is time to go back, Faiz’s poetry has the quality of moonlight, the moonlight makes the landscape beautiful.

He further said that there are people in Pakistan and India who want peace, it is the duty of the people to keep pressure on the establishment, we make efforts, but one incident destroys all the work.

Javed Akhtar also said that the history of the subcontinent spans thousands of years, because of the old history, the people here are also more aware. In which there is no friendship.



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